Services to Patent Attorneys

Many firms of patent attorneys face three challenges which greatly affect their profitability by impeding the most efficient deployment of human resources:

  • A shortage of suitably qualified and experienced staff
  • Coping with a frequently fluctuating work load
  • Finding a procedural strategy that best meets the requirements of the EPO whilst reflecting the best interests of your clients.

These challenges could be overcome if you had a resource at your disposal which was suitably qualified and available on an as-required basis. Utilising the talents of a recent retiree from the European Patent Office, who spent 35 years working at all levels within the organisation, WMA is uniquely qualified to provide this variable resource.  WMA is able to:

  • Provide strategy evaluations of ESO’s/EESR´s
  • Give advice on the best procedural strategy to adopt in dealing with EPO office actions at examination and opposition.
  • Carry out associated actions that may be required.
  • Provide editing services for application drafts and claim drafting
  • Undertake all of these services in all three EPO procedural languages
  • Provide private and group language lessons grammar and conversation practice
    • French (up to  Alliance Francaise Nivel 5)
    • German (up to Mittelstufe II)
    • English (up to higher Cambridge)
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